How Did I End Up At Foodgeek Stampede?

Hello! Welcome to Foodgeek Stampede. You are probably wondering how you ended up at a blog named Foodgeek Stampede. If you did a search to discover more about diabetes, regardless of the type of diabetes, that may be how you ended up at Foodgeek Stampede. Or you are an avid Pinterest dweller and came upon my Foodgeek Stampede Pinterest board. It looked interesting, you clicked on a link, and voila, you are at Foodgeek Stampede. Maybe you are a family member, friend or colleague and ended up here to check out what in the world Lamb is up to now. In the end, I am not really sure it matters how you got here, but you are here.

Please sign up to read my posts daily. Share my posts with your friends, family and coworkers. Diabetes is one of the hottest medical/healthcare topics right now in the United States.  I should know because I see hundreds of people with diabetes in my practice every month. My primary goal is to educate as many as I can about the different types of diabetes and how to manage them with current research citations to back up  what is written. Second, I want to be able to translate this science into real life applications. We all know this as “what exactly do I do” and “what am I supposed to eat?” Why? It is what I do. I am a Foodgeek. I am happy to stampede with you.

I am working on a series of posts regarding Prediabetes as well as some sample meal plans covering breakfast, lunch and supper/dinner. They will definitely be healthy meals that all can enjoy and not just people with Prediabetes. By the end of the series, I hope all of my readers will have a better understanding of PreDiabetes and can use my sample meals to come up with their own healthy meals.