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Hi all!

I decided to post something brief on the Foodgeek Stampede Facebook page and I realized that the link was not working! I have to admit I panicked a little. But I contacted Bluehost and they helped me out a bunch. They are so nice there. Wonderful customer service.

Bluehost discovered that my email subscriber plugin was no longer valid or something like that. Bluehost disabled it for me and I was able to access my page again. I am going to have to search for a new email subscriber plugin however. If you are wanting to subscribe to my blog, that feature is not working until I can work on getting the right plugin in place.

I wanted to share something that I have had on my mind for about 2 years. I had (and still do at times) very grandiose ideas of having a blog. However, I have definitely failed at trying to keep it updated and/or relevant.

It occurred to me awhile back that when I write about diabetes, I feel like I am still at my daytime, regular job. I realized that I do not like that feeling at all. Why? It isn’t that I do not like my job. But I like and enjoy doing a lot more than talking about diabetes, nutrition or providing diabetes education. Then it hit me; this is my blog. If I want to change my format and talk about other things, I can! So I am going to start writing about what is on my mind. I will probably end up talking about food most of the time anyway so I don’t have to be concerned about changing the name of my blog.

Let’s see, what is on my mind today? I have a bunch of topics swimming around in my head so here it goes:

Fixing and updating my blog

I think you all already figured this out. I need to get the new email subscriber plugin. I need to come up with a plan to stay on top of blogging. I have no clue as to how to do this. I need to come up with some food topics.


What am I thankful for? Am I truly thankful? How can I be thankful no matter what? These are going to be some questions I am going to be thinking about this week.

Thursday’s menu: should I make homemade pies or buy them? The pies from the bakery are very good. I do need to practice making homemade pie crust though and I do not like store bought pie crust (does this surprise you?) Why can’t I ever roll anything out round? Every time I have something to roll out that needs to be round (pizza crust, pie crust, etc), it ends up looking like an amoeba. I know that it still tastes the same even if it looks like an amoeba, rhombus-hexagon trapezoid combo or I have to piece it together to fit the pan. But I really want to learn how to make it round. I will look for videos this week and see if I can get any help on shaping pie crust. I just thought of another option! I could do one of those fancy lattice crusts that I will have to cut out so it doesn’t have to be round. Hmmm – will be thinking of that some more.


Another topic I am thinking about is how do professional bakers make that buttercream icing? You know what I am talking about right? It is the icing that is so smooth and keeps its shape so that it can be used to decorate a cake; the icing that is the perfect combination of unhealthy fat and powdered sugar. It is the icing of registered dietitians’ (and diabetes educators’) nightmares. I found several recipes and will maybe use one of them later this week.

I started thinking about buttercream icing because I bought some Russian piping tips yesterday. I saw a video advertising them on FB and showed them to a friend of mine that has experience in cake decorating. She wants to get a set too (LOL). I should be receiving the Russian piping tips about the middle of the week. I will be able to play with them the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Back to the Russian piping tip video: it made cake and cupcake decorating look so easy. They make these beautiful looking flowers. I have always wanted to learn how to decorate a cake. I am going to put a cake decorating class on my Christmas list.

Tonight’s dinner

Cube steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans. Portion control will be key. I do not have any recipes. This is a meal that I learned how to cook watching and helping my Mom cook therefore everything is done by memory.

I better go and get started on dinner!

Have a safe & blessed week and do a random act of kindness!

Sarah ♥

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